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Art in the Time of COVID: NYS Art Teachers Association Annual Member Show

Terrie Bentley, Amanda Buhler, Sharon Ciccone, Kelley Hedin, Catherine Ibanez,
Holly McCabe, Martin Merchant, Elizabeth Murphy, Gina Palmer, Lauren Ras,
Roberto E. Romani, Monica Czernecki Schor, Scott Seaboldt, Eric Stormes,
Patty Tyrol, Mitchell Visoky, Paula Westcott, Ron Whitehead

Art in the Time of COVID

an (online) exhibition
at Bethany Arts Community
On display: Sep 14th–Oct 30th, 2020

curated by
Catherine Ibanez & Martin Merchant

Gallery open:
Mon-Fri 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm
Saturdays,  Sep 26th, Oct 3rd, Oct 10th 10am-2pm
appointments strongly encouraged

Artwork may be purchased by contacting us at info@bethanyarts.org

Exhibit Event
Hang with Art
A Discussion About Arts Education in the Time of COVID

Congratulations to Cathy Ibanez, art teacher at Brookside Elementary School, who has been chosen as a New York State Art Teachers Association Region 7 Elementary School Art Teacher of the Year for 2019-2020! And thank you for bringing the Art in the Time of COVID exhibit to Bethany Arts Community.

About the Show

Art in the Time of COVID

The 2020 gallery show of New York State Art Teachers Association Region 7 members.

While exploring their own voices, these artist-teachers find their generative sources in the classroom and their lives. In this season of upheaval and stress, we try to find meaning and hope in our art making. Our mission of engaging students in expressive investigations of themselves and their relationship to the world has been disrupted by unprecedented separation. The teaching artists in this exhibit meet the current season in diverse ways – through confrontation, escape, negotiation, and affirmation. This exhibition is a unique and powerful survey of how a special kind of artist – who has made their practice a personal and shared passion – meets the challenges of the pandemic, social justice, politics, and the multitude of personal trials this era presents.

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