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Black History Month 2022

Bethany Arts Community honors Black History Month with a series of Events & Exhibition

Black History Month at Bethany Arts Community

Bethany Arts Community is pleased to honor Black History Month with musical performances, artists talks, art history course and an exhibition of Black History & Culture in Ossining, NY

Ossining Black History & Culture: RESILIENCE. DEDICATION. EXCELLENCE.
Curated by Joyce Sharrock Cole, Ossining Village Historian, the exhibit is on display February 4 – March 12

In February 2021, Ossining was gifted a welcomed treat. The “Ossining Black History & Culture: RESILIENCE. DEDICATION. EXCELLENCE,” an ode to the African American community and its contributions. While still living through the unimaginable 11th months of the pandemic this brought a welcome distraction and a sense of pride to all. “There is an absence of documented history and love of the Ossining black community. This exhibit reveals an unseen glimpse into local black culture. Through their drive, resilience, and perseverance, the black community has been an integral component of the growth and prosperity of Ossining, laying foundations that we still benefit from today.” Joyce Cole, Historian

Sponsor Black History Month at Bethany Arts Community

This year the exhibit will run from Friday, February 4, 2022, with an official opening reception through March 2022. This is truly a labor of love, enlightenment, and lessons. Bethany Arts Community seeks sponsorship to support the success of this wonderful exhibition of black history and culture. Please take a moment to read the Sponsorship information attached.

This proposal offers unique opportunities for our community, art lovers, businesses, and individuals to support. Businesses can have their brands prominently displayed in conjunction with this amazing exhibit. Sponsorships will be taken on a rolling basis.

February 6 @ 2pm

Exhibit Opening: Ossining Black History & Culture

February 13 @ 5pm

Talk: Table Wizard Spinny Spin and the Separate 5 Mcs

Feb 19 @ 7:30pm

Art History: The Harlem Renaissance – A Golden Age

February 20 @ 5pm

An Evening of Music and Talk with Ted Daniel

February 21 @ 2pm

Artist Talk with Diana “Princess” Lemon

February 24 @ 12pm

Artist in Residence: Oluwadamilare (Dare) Ayorinde Choreographer Talk

February 27 @ 5pm

An Evening of Music
with KJ Denhert

With Thanks

and Acknowledgement

In 2021, Black History Month programs at Bethany Arts Community were sponsored by Cravin Jamaican and Ossining Innovates!

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