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Black History Month 2022

Bethany Arts Community honors Black History Month with a series of Events & Exhibition

Black History Month at Bethany Arts Community

Bethany Arts Community is pleased to honor Black History Month
with an exhibit and series of events
Feb 6 – Mar 12, 2022

Exhibit Hours:Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays (10am to 4pm)
Wednesdays (10am-7:30pm)
Saturdays (10am–3pm)
The galleries will close on the following dates/times to accommodate school visits:
Feb 28 (10am-3pm)
March 2 (10am-3pm)
March 3 (3:30pm-6pm)
March 8 (4:30pm – 6pm)
March 9 (3:30pm-5:30pm)

Ossining Black History & Culture: RESILIENCE. DEDICATION. EXCELLENCE.

The 2022 “Ossining Black History & Culture: RESILIENCE. DEDICATION. EXCELLENCE,” exhibit will dive deep into the Black experience in Ossining and beyond.

This exhibition is a response to many questions about Black history in Ossining and in the United States. The art and artifacts presented represent some of the untold Black stories, including this country’s “original sin” of slavery, in an effort to educate, encourage, and facilitate dialogue. The content may be uncomfortable for some but will be cathartic for others as we attempt to dismantle the forced narrative of the prevailing majority by uncovering and displaying history as it was experienced by Black Americans with a particular focus on Ossining.

Each gallery tackles issues affecting the Black community both historically and today. The art chosen depicts different decades in history to encourage visitors to interact with and reflect on what they think they know.

Visitors will be taken on a journey starting with the powerfully crafted artwork of Lamine Barro that depicts the middle passage accompanied by the sounds of people being forcefully removed from their homeland. Visitors will be challenged to rethink the lessons of their adolescence about our shared history during the formation of this country. Our hope is to evoke emotions, start dialogues, and invite visitors to share in the stories of the struggle, rejoice in the triumphs, and acknowledge the resilience of the brave men and women of the Black community.

This is a celebration of Black heritage, Black contribution and excellence, and American history.

“My hope is that what is learned here is passed on until we have all learned the history that has been omitted, suppressed, and overlooked. Until we tackle our past, we will not be able to effectively move toward a more equitable future.”
—Joyce Sharrock Cole, Ossining Village Historian

This exhibit would not have been possible without the help and support of the Ossining community.
Curated by Joyce Sharrock Cole

Please join us in congratulating Joyce Sharrock Cole, recipient of the 2021 “Heritage & History” award presented by Senator Elijah Reichlin-Melnick. Joyce, Ossining Village Historian, was recognized for her work in creating the Ossining COVID project, as well as curating the first Ossining Black History and Culture Exhibit at Bethany Arts Community in 2021.

Feb 6 @ 4pm

Exhibit Opening: Ossining Black History & Culture

Feb 16 - Mar 9 @ 6pm

Guided tours and talks with the curator.

February 19 @ 7pm

Base Camp Black History Month Concert

Feb 22 @ 7pm

Artist Talk with Joe Chambers

Feb 25 @ 7pm

Paint and Poetry Jam

March 12 @ 7pm

Youth Talent and Fashion Show

March 19 @ 8pm

Ladies of Hip Hop – Public Show and Tell

Be a Community Sponsor

Show your support for this beautiful tribute to Ossining’s Black history and community. Be a part of the exhibit and show. Your donation of $10 or $25 gets your name, or the name of a loved one, on the community wall for all exhibit visitors to see. Make one donation or more to recognize those you love!

Please submit your donation as early as possible, and by February 1, to have your or your loved one’s name on the wall for the exhibit opening!

Sponsor Black History Month at Bethany Arts Community

This year the exhibit will run from Friday, February 4, 2022, with an official opening reception through March 2022. This is truly a labor of love, enlightenment, and lessons. Bethany Arts Community seeks sponsorship to support the success of this wonderful exhibition of black history and culture. Please take a moment to read the Sponsorship information..

This proposal offers unique opportunities for our community, art lovers, businesses, and individuals to support. Businesses can have their brands prominently displayed in conjunction with this amazing exhibit. Sponsorships will be taken on a rolling basis.

With Thanks

and Acknowledgement

Black History Month programs at Bethany Arts Community are sponsored by Cravin Jamaican, Ossining Innovates,Theater O, Tania Randolph and NAACP Ossining Chapter.

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