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Black Music Month 2021

Bethany Arts Community honors Black Music Month 2021 with a series of events and programs

Black Music Month

at Bethany Arts Community

Bethany Arts Community is pleased to honor Black Music Month with musical performances and artists talks throughout the month of June 2021

Artist Talk: Part 2 of the Separate 5 & Amazing Girl Gazing 2 Emcees

June 20 @ 5:00 pm  6:00 pm

An Evening of Music and Talk with Ted Daniel

Artist Talk with Diana “Princess” Lemon

Talk: Table Wizard Spinny Spin and the Separate 5 Mcs

An Evening of Music
with KJ Denhert

With Thanks

and Acknowledgement

Black Music Month events and programs at Bethany Arts Community are organized by Joyce Cole, Ossining Village Historian and Bethany Board Member

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