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Oil Painting 101: Live Pop Art

Bethany Arts Community 40 Somerstown Rd., Ossining

Learn the basics to paint your favorite items from life with Bethany Arts Community studio artist, Peter Leeds. Shadowing, toning, color relationships, cool and warm tones; and the fun vibrations of colors when placed against each other. Learn to build forms from shapes. Learn to draw through a series of measurements. Grab your favorite item […]

The Camp of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Bethany Arts Community 40 Somerstown Rd., Ossining

Theater O is back at Bethany in the Summer of 2021 with our much loved Harry Potter-themed, arts-based camp. Participants will be sorted into houses, participate in a House Cup competition. Each day participants will do a creative writing assignment with their house, play Harry Potter improv games, create a work of art, and play […]

Show Camp with Theater O

Bethany Arts Community 40 Somerstown Rd., Ossining

Hey Kids, Let's put on a Show! In a single week, participants put on a show! Soup to Nuts. Sets, costumes, rehearsals, and more. Production is TBA and based on participants. Show will be chosen, cast before camp starts, and participants will be expected to be off-book on the first day. There are no auditions. […]

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