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Artist in Residence: Francesca Montanile Self(ie) Workshop


Artist in Residence: Francesca Montanile Self(ie) Workshop

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This workshop will use artmaking as a catalyst for storytelling and connection between participants around the themes of pleasure and sensuality, and connection to self-image. Selfies taken with a phone are a super common way of representing ourselves these days, and this workshop asks us to get back to the tactile and create a selfie using traditional mediums: pencil, pen, paper, maybe paint. The medium of creation will be up to participants, and all are welcome to bring their own supplies if they have a practice they’d like to work within. In my art-making, much of my work deals with sensuality, intimacy and relationships, and unlearning shame. Creating art around those topics- not just on my own- but in community with other artists, has done more than anything else in helping me define my own values around how I see myself and others, the way I approach communication of all kinds, and how I move through the world. This workshop aims to bring that experience to everyone who attends. All levels of art-making experience welcome! 

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