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Show and Tell: A Francesca Harper Work & Process Showing


Join us at Bethany Arts Community on July 3 @ 7pm for a Show and Tell: A Francesca Harper Work & Process Showing

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In Francesca Harper’s new work in progress, Harper explores how media and entertainment commodifies and profits off of the erasure and harm of others while catapulting some into celebrity culture. How does our society benefit from brutality as it relates specifically to bodies of color? The work in progress is being produced by THE OFFICE, with a sonic tapestry created by rock star Nona Hendryx, daring movement created by Francesca Harper and artists from the FHP Collective. Costumes are created by Elias Gurrola, dance technology by Allison Costa and The Movement Lab @ Barnard, with lighting design by Tuce Yasak. They collectively create a choreographic work that explores this intersection of transparency and erasure, what it is we care to see and what we choose to disregard. The development of this work has also been supported by Works & Process’ LaunchPAD initiative in which they describe, “Process as a Destination.” Harper is especially grateful to Duke Dang, Caroline Cronson, and Abigail Lewis for providing this second residency @ Bethany Arts. 

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