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PICASSO ONLINE: The Man – The Myth – The Legend


Join Jill Kiefer, Ph.D. as she leads this online art history course series at BAC for five (5) Sessions: Tuesdays – 10:00 AM – 11 AM, Dates:  September 15 – October 13. Interested in Pablo Picasso? This course is for you!

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Spanish expatriate painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, and stage designer Pablo Picasso remains the most influential artist of the twentieth century, and is regarded as one of the greatest artists of all time. The creator (with Georges Braque) of Cubism, Picasso continues to be a figure hotly debated–but always admired. In this course, we’ll examine the tumultuous life and works of the inseparable man and artist, who was–by far–the most prolific artistic genius in history. (To date, 34,073 artworks by Picasso have been catalogued.) We’ll also be looking at the many myths that surround this rather enigmatic figure–and do our best to separate the facts from the fictions!

Class 1 – Picasso: The Early Years

In this session, we will look at Picasso training to be a classicist, his impeccable draftsmanship, and the evolution of his absorbing mind and vision. We’ll discuss his Paris experience and exposure to changing values and new visions, and look at Picasso as part of the avant-garde group. Our analyses will include the Blue Period and Rose Period.
Tues, 9/15, 10am – 11am

Class 2 – Picasso and Braque: Cubism

This session will reveal how the Braque-Picasso collaboration cemented the legacy of Paul Cézanne—and why. We’ll examine how the duo developed a new way of looking at the world, through Analytical and then Synthetic Cubism. We’ll see the development of whole new forms, and the solidification and recognition of an entirely unique approach to art.
Tues, 9/22, 10am – 11am

Class 3 – Picasso: A Growing Legend Surrounded in Myth

This session will focus on Picasso’s activities between the Wars. We’ll see the continued and ongoing evolution adaptability of a genius who is always (and simultaneously never) “Picasso”. We will also look at the profound influence of Picasso on his contemporaries, and the factors in his life contributing to his legend.
Tues, 9/29, 10am – 11am

Class 4 – Picasso: Ever Changing – Always Enduring

In this session we’ll explore Picasso’s venture into different media and genres. Theatrical scenery, costume design, sculpture and ceramics all provided him with opportunities to apply and advance his creative vision. We’ll also examine why he had become the artist to whom all others aspire—and start to separate some of the facts from the fictions surrounding his life.
Tues, 10/6, 10am – 11am

Class 5 – Picasso: The Legacy

This session will focus on the artist’s final years and the Picasso Legacy. We will examine why Picasso’s influence was profound and far-reaching through all of its many phases. We’ll look for answers to such questions as: Why does he remain the most revolutionary artist of the 20th century? Why does the public’s fascination with his life story continue to fuel interest in his work? What might his impact be moving forward? Such topics will wrap up this series.
Tues, 10/13, 10am – 11am

Attendance/Absence/Tardiness Policy: If you are registered for the class, please make every effort to be on time and participate.

Electronic Device Policy: Students are asked to turn ringer tones on their cell phones off during class—and to take any essential calls on their cell phones outside of the virtual classroom.

Meet your Instructor: Jill Kiefer


Dr. Jill Kiefer is an art historian and teaching artist. She is the Director of What About Art?—an organization devoted to bringing Art to Everyone, and the President of the Ossining Arts Council. Jill has developed and implemented comprehensive academic and lifelong learning programs at prestigious institutions in the USA and abroad. She was a member of the graduate faculty of the Humanities Dept. of Mount Saint Mary’s University in Los Angeles, and also taught for Pasadena City College, Glendale College, Westwood College, the Palos Verdes Art Center and the University of New Mexico. She has received several “Best Faculty” awards. Jill was a Federal Title V Grant Recipient four times for her work in Hybrid Learning, and she is a member of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi. Jill is the Dean of Warnborough College’s Master’s and Doctoral programs in Cultural Art History, Fine Arts, and Media Studies. She also teaches art history and studio art for several lifelong learning programs in Westchester. Jill is the President of the Ossining Arts Council, and the Director of the Canterbury Arts Conference (CArtsCon) an international, annual event held each summer in the United Kingdom. A published writer and artist, Jill has an impressive and extensive resume.

To learn more about her, please visit www.whataboutart.org

Feel free to contact me via e-mail: jill@whataboutart.org

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