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Spanish Art of Flamenco is an 8-week dance program for 3rd graders.

Students will learn the footwork, hand-movements, arm-movements and rhythmic hand-clapping that Flamenco is known for. They also learn about the geography of Spain, its relation to the rest of Europe that was key in the creation and evolution of Flamenco. The program instills confidence in students as the become comfortable with their movements and prepare for a public performance in front of family, friends, and neighbors.

The class includes an interactive performance by members of the company so that students get to see professional Flamenco artists in-action. For the final performance, students will divide up the information into “Flamenco Fun-Facts” and take turns reciting it to the audience prior to the dance performance.

The program is presented by world-renowned and award-winning Flamenco dancer, choreographer and artistic director Rebeca Tomás.

Dates: 8 Tuesday : April 17 – June 5
Time: 4:00pm – 5:00pm

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