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American Modernism ONLINE: The Other Modern Art

American Modernism ONLINE: The Other Modern Art

Modern Art, in general, was a reaction against the traditions of the past. European modernism started to take shape toward the end of the nineteenth century. “American Modernism” refers to an artistic and cultural movement in the United States that began at the turn of the twentieth century, with a core period between World War I and World War II. This 6-week program will examine American modernism’s greatest practitioners to discover its departures from European modernism and its unique brilliance.

Join us at Bethany Arts Community for this fascinating 6-week art history on-site class lead by Jill Kiefer, Ph.D.
Saturdays, 10am – 11am September 26th – October 31st.

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PICASSO ONLINE: The Man – The Myth – The Legend

PICASSO ONLINE: The Man – The Myth – The Legend

Join us for this fascinating 5-week Pablo PIcasso online art history class lead by Jill Kiefer, Ph.D. and Bethany Arts Community.
Tuesdays, 10am – 11am September 15th – October 13th.

Spanish expatriate painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, and stage designer Pablo Picasso remains the most influential artist of the twentieth century, and is regarded as one of the greatest artists of all time. The creator (with Georges Braque) of Cubism, Picasso continues to be a figure hotly debated–but always admired. In this course, we’ll examine the tumultuous life and works of the inseparable man and artist, who was–by far–the most prolific artistic genius in history. (To date, 34,073 artworks by Picasso have been catalogued.) We’ll also be looking at the many myths that surround this rather enigmatic figure–and do our best to separate the facts from the fictions!

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Metal Clay Jewelry for Beginners with Instructor Barbara Kirby

Metal Clay Jewelry for Beginners with Instructor Barbara Kirby


Metal Clay Jewelry for Beginners with Instructor Barbara Kirby
Classes start May 15th 7–9pm (six consecutive Wednesday evenings)
During the (6)  two-hour classes, participants will learn the process of making jewelry using Metal Clay. Students need no previous knowledge or experience and will have lots of fun creating stunning pieces. Metal Clay is a crafting medium consisting of very small particles of metal mixed with an organic binder and water for use in making jewelry.  It’s easy to use, fun and non-toxic and is safely worked with one’s hands. The clay is pliable, providing great ease in designing, molding, stamping and carving. Once the clay has been dried, it is then fired in a kiln.  During the firing process the organic binder burns away leaving the pure sintered metal.

All materials are included. ($285 per participant)

Class Dates (7-9pm):
Wednesday, May 15
Wednesday, May 22
Wednesday, May 29
Wednesday, Jun 5
Wednesday, Jun 12
Wednesday, Jun 19

About the Instructor
Barbara Kirby graduated from Webster University with a BFA and has studied at the Boca Museum of Art School, the Westchester Arts Workshop, the Castle Hill Art School in North Truro, MA, the Metalwerx School for Jewelry and Metal Arts in Boston and most recently studied with master metal clay jewelry artist Terry Kovalcik. Barbara maintains her studio in Ossining, NY. She has a 15-year background in metalsmithing and metal clay jewelry and has led workshops and taught classes in multiple locations throughout the Northeast and Florida. Her jewelry has been sold at local venues and on Etsy.com.

IG: barbiekirbyjewelry
Facebook: barbiekirbyjewelry

Bill T. Jones / Arnie Zane Company Open Rehearsals

Bill T. Jones / Arnie Zane Company Open Rehearsals

Observe open dance rehearsals

Ever wonder what goes into developing and perfecting world-class choreography? Here’s your chance to see for yourself. Twice each week during the course of their residency at Bethany, the Bill T. Jones / Arnie Zane Company will be opening their rehearsals to the public. Experience this rare opportunity to glimpse inside the famed choreographer’s rehearsal process.

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