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Artist in Residence: Mario Moroni – Work In Progress Showing

Artist in Residence: Mario Moroni – Work In Progress Showing

Join us Sep 27 @ 11:45am via Facebook LIVE for a work in progress showing by poet, Mario Moroni, during his residency at Bethany Arts Community.

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This performance is an evocative, immersive, poetry reading experience.  The first part entitled “Ballads of Maine” is a traditional reading with the support a microphone that produces some special effect (reverberation, echo), the second part, entitled “Reflections” was born in collaboration with Composer, Jon Hallstrom.  It consists of digital, experimental, visual images coordinated with electronic music that interacts with both the artists voice and the images.  The result is an experiential method to present and convey poetry to a larger audience through a sensorial experience beyond the printed page. 

About the Artist

Mario Moroni has taught at Yale University, the Colby College, and Binghamton University, in the state of New York. He has published eight volumes of poetry and one of poetic prose. In 1989 he was awarded the Lorenzo Montano prize for poetry. His poems have been published in numerous journals and anthologies. As a critic, Mario Moroni has published  Essere e fare (1991), La presenza complessa (1998), and Al limite (2007). He has co-edited three collections of essays: Italian Modernism with L. Somigli, From Eugenio Montale to Amelia Rossellii, with J. Butcher, and Neoavanguardia, with P. Chirumbolo and L.Somigli. In 2006 he released Reflections on Icarus’ Lands, a DVD of poetry, electronic music, and images. In 2016 he released Reciting the Ashes, a CD/DVD for reciting voice, piano, and soprano. In 2018 he has released Recitativi, a CD of music and poetry created with composer James Glasgow of Strange Fangs Song Factory. Moroni has performed his work in dozens of events in Italy, the UK, Spain, France, Brazil, and across the United States.

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