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Studio Artist Gallery

a collection of works by Bethany Arts Community studio artists

Exhibit: Artists in the Time of Covid: Paralyzed and Prolific

Artists around the globe are experiencing a new relationship with their art. For some, Covid and quarantine has meant creative paralysis and studio displacement. Others have found space in their lives for new artistic journeys in the absence of everyday distractions. Some have been inspired by an appreciation of the ordinary, while others have escaped and gained solace in just creating. Come see the captivating work generated by our Bethany Arts Community studio artists during this strange time of Covid. Curated by Bonnie Bradley, Bethany Arts Community Associate Director.

On display July 7 – Aug 11, 2021

Show Opening: July 7
Reception: Jul 23 @ 6pm

Gallery Hours:
Wednesday 1pm-7:30pm
Thursday-Friday 1pm-4pm
Saturday 10am-3pm
Closed Monday and Tuesday

Artists: Anne Carpenter, Dagny Emiliani, Lori Ganz, John Hyde,  Jill Kiefer, Cherie Lee, Peter Leeds, Regina Luersen, Sharon Rowe

We are pleased to present a gallery of works by our studio artists.  Learn more about the artists who create at Bethany every day.

The Studio Artists

Anne Carpenter, Dagny Emiliani, Lori Ganz, Chloe Giroux, John Hyde, Andrew Irons, Jill Kiefer, Peter Leeds, Regina Luersen, Sharon Rowe

At the heart of the Bethany Arts Community are our local studio artists; the talented, creative, and beautiful people who call Bethany “home.” Coming from Ossining and the surrounding area, they have helped shape our community where like-minded creative people support each other and collaborate. Our studio artists have taught classes and workshops and exhibited their work in our galleries. They bring light and joy to Bethany every day and bring true meaning to the phrase that “renting a studio at Bethany is much more than just renting a space.”

We hope you enjoy this peak into their world as much as we do!

Anne Carpenter


I have been singing all my life but over the past decade started stepping out more and more onto center stage as a lead singer. I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of the Ossining music scene performing with my jazz quartet at Jazz at the Lodge and presenting my Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon show with the amazing Peter Calo and John Lissauer at the Westchester Collaborative Theater, as well as performing here at BAC. My more recent passion has been iPhone photography. I’ve always loved all things nature and started there, taking photos of leaves and trees and skyscapes but then, through walks around my neighborhood, I started becoming increasingly drawn to the beauty of the details of scenes right outside my door from cracks in the sidewalk to  dew-covered flower petals. Using my phone camera allows me to capture these discoveries wherever they catch my attention. I just recently taught a class here at Bethany showing students that they too can look for beauty in the details and share their unique perspectives.

I am currently working on a website but for now you can find my photographs on Instagram at @annecarpen and anything musical on Facebook at Anne Carpenter (anne.carpenter.75033)
Dagny Emiliani


Dagny Emiliani’s paintings are an expression of elemental passions, informed by her ongoing love of fashion, gardening, color trends, and world travel. Her more recent works in oil, acrylic, and digital illustration tap into the world of dreams. Images come to her right at the point before sleep, leaving reality and entering the world of dreams. She makes close observations of brush strokes to add life to her paintings, as well as using powerful symbolism, sophisticated color palettes, and iconic shapes.

Born and raised in Panama, Dagny moved to Santa Barbara, California to attend high school. After graduating college with a Graphic Arts degree in Los Angeles, she achieved  success as an Art Director and Creative Design consultant for over twenty years in New York. Her experience designing and illustrating with advertising agencies and fashion companies were invaluable in the development of her signature Fine Arts style.

In 2018, a Tuscan painting sojourn renewed her love of the Fine Arts. She returned to sketching and painting full time, working from her studio at the Bethany Arts Community. She is currently working on an immigration series incorporating imagery of caravans, symbolic motifs, as well as shocking elements of viral photojournalism. She resides with her  husband, and their dog Grizzly, in Westchester County.

Follow Dagny on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dagnyemiliani/

Lori Ganz


Lori Ganz is an oil painter and ceramics maker. Lori’s work often begins with the creation of ceramic objects of abstract shapes or absurd characters. She then repurposes these ceramics as setups for her still life oil paintings. The abstract sculptures are primarily used to explore form and composition through shapes and light. The character ceramics take on new life through their appearance in her still life shadow box. Lori’s earlier works focused on infusing inanimate objects with a psychological narrative; however, her recent paintings incorporate more elaborate and intricate backgrounds, adding increased depth to her work, literally and figuratively. For certain paintings, she extends the narrative of her characters beyond the visual sphere, through accompanying poetry or prose. Oscillating from maker to observer, Lori’s recursive process is the golden thread connecting her iterations and contemplations across various media, resulting in both playful and sometimes profound explorations of generative meaning. Lori lives in Croton on Hudson, NY with her family, and currently has an art studio in the Ossining Bethany Arts Community.


Instagram –  https://www.instagram.com/loriganz/?hl=en

Website – https://www.ganz.studio

Chloe M. Giroux


Chloe M. Giroux is a freelance illustrator, cartoonist, printmaker, and children’s book illustrator. Born and raised in New York, she received her BFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. Since then, she has been working editorially with a variety of clients including Slate Magazine, Fatherly, The Spruce, The Balance, Top Cow Comics, and Image Comics. Pre-pandemic, you could often find her silkscreening in the printshop or see her selling her wares at crowded comics conventions all over the country. She is currently working on her portfolio to apply to grad school in the fall, hoping to pursue a career in children’s book illustration. 

Website: https://www.chloegiroux.com/ 

John Hyde

Inspired by the fusion of art and technology, John “Twyg” Hyde makes sculpture and costumed characters that explore the union of creepy looks with a friendly soul. His work asks us to consider if what we habitually see as unsettling can also be kind. In the late 1990’s John began his explorations with early versions of 3D digital art, then in 2016 he rekindled his endeavors by creating 3D printed fine art and costuming. It is never too late to begin a new discipline, and driven by that ethic John has been learning with his hands how to blend his technological skills with traditional artistic modalities. John fashions forms and faces that provoke us to pause, and ponder each character’s counterpoint. John resides just outside of NYC with his wife and two cats; when not making art he can be found working in IT.    

Follow John on Instagram and Facebook @johntwyghydeart

Andrew Irons

Toy Theater Puppet piece “Star Waltz” by Andrew Irons. Installation at Bethany Arts Community in Ossining, NY.

Jill Kiefer


Dr. Jill Kiefer is an art historian and teaching artist. She has developed and implemented comprehensive academic and lifelong learning programs at prestigious institutions in the USA and abroad. She was a member of the graduate faculty of the Humanities Dept. of Mount Saint Mary’s University in Los Angeles, and also taught for Pasadena City College, Glendale College, the Palos Verdes Art Center and the University of New Mexico. She has received several “Best Faculty” awards and was a Federal Title V Grant Recipient four times for her work in Hybrid Learning. Jill is a member of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, and the Dean of Warnborough College’s online graduate programs in Cultural Art History, Fine Arts, and Media Studies. She also teaches art history and studio art for several lifelong learning programs in Westchester, including the Bethany Arts Community and Cedar Lane Arts Center.  Jill is a Past President of the Ossining Arts Council, and the Director of the Canterbury Arts Conference (CArtsCon), an international, annual event held each summer in the United Kingdom. A published writer and artist, Jill has an impressive and extensive resume. To learn more about her, please visit www.whataboutart.org

Peter Leeds


I am a New York traditional artist based out of Westchester. My primary focus is figure studies with contemporary color theory.  My work has been a range of murals, still life, landscape, pencil drawings, and sculpture with a foundation of realism. I tend to adapt and try to be creative with different surfaces. I like to use texture with color to create a realistic feel to my work. Over the years, I’ve had work sold throughout the country.  

 Follow Peter on Instagram  and Facebook @peter_leeds_studio 

Regina Luersen


I grew up in Cincinnati going to the art museum with my dad and developing photos in his darkroom. I should have gone to art school but instead I studied literature- which I also love.  After a year of traveling I settled in Vermont working as a waitress and a librarian and taking whatever art classes were available. 30 years later I moved to Ossining with James who had been my college sweetheart, worked, traveled a bunch, retired, and now I’m finally doing what I always wanted to do – make art full time. I create colorful energetic mixed media abstracts with some representational work thrown in. I’m shocked and thrilled that some people like what I do enough to buy it and hang it on the walls but even if they didn’t I’d still be in love with making it.  When not making art I’m often at home playing my accordion (badly).  

 Instagram #reggieluersen 

Sharon Rowe



I started my painting journey on Jan 15th, 2019 here at Bethany Arts Community.  My creative journey started, however, in 1969 acting in my first play. No matter the discipline, I believe it’s all about cultivating a beginner’s mindset while sharpening one’s skills with consistent practice. Patience and a willingness to play and be playful, without a fear of failure, is essential, too. 

 You can view my art here (and other things) 

Instagram: sharonrowe_ 

podcast: https://bit.ly/2Lwfai9 

About me, my book and my business 



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